Fuel Pump Manufacturer

Manufacturer of fuel pumps and fuel pump modules

Ruian City Da Ming Auto Electric Co. was founded in 2003 and specializes in the production of auto fuel pumps and fuel pump modules. All of our fuel pump products are designed and tested to guarantee reliable flow, pressure, and low noise during operation. We maintain careful control over each stage of the production process for our fuel pumps from raw materials procurement all the way to product testing. Thanks to these efforts, we have been certified by relevant industry governing bodies. If you look through our products and find that we do not have what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we can work with you to produce custom fuel pumps.

    1. Fuel Pump
    2. Fuel Pump Fuel pumps supply the power source of automobiles. A high quality fuel pump, coupled with clean burning fuel, can bring best performance for your automobiles. Today, there are various types of fuel pumps available on the market to match your automobiles Read More
    1. Fuel Pump Module
    2. Fuel Pump Module Ruian Da Ming has had over ten years’ experience in fuel pump solutions, we have provided fuel pumps for almost all automobile manufacturers, with the fuel pumps here at our company available in fuel saving and less carbon dioxide emission as compared with the traditional pumps. Read More
We have made fuel pumps for the following models

Rui'an Da Ming is available in providing fuel pumps and modules for various automobiles, covering American automobiles and modules, Japanese cars and modules, European cars and modules and Korean automobiles and modules, giving customers reliable and high quality fuel pump solutions.

  • JEEP Fuel Pump
  • Ford Fuel Pump
  • Buick Fuel Pump
  • Chevrolet Fuel Pump
  • Pontiac Fuel Pump
  • Honda Fuel Pump
  • Isuzu Fuel Pump
  • Mazda Fuel Pump
  • Mitsubishi Fuel Pump
  • Nissan Fuel Pump
  • Subaru Fuel Pump
  • Suzuki Fuel Pump
  • Toyota Fuel Pump
  • LADA Fuel Pump
  • Opel Fuel Pump
  • Vauxhall Fuel Pump
  • Citroen Fuel Pump
  • Volvo Fuel Pump
  • FIAT Fuel Pump
  • Renault Fuel Pump
  • Audi Fuel Pump
  • Peugeot Fuel Pump
  • Rover Fuel Pump
  • Volkswagen Fuel Pump
  • Mercedes-Benz Fuel Pump
  • Porsche Fuel Pump
  • Alfa Romeo Fuel Pump
  • BMW Fuel Pump
  • Jaguar Fuel Pump
  • Hyundai Fuel Pump
  • Kia Fuel Pump