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Fuel Pump

Procedures for fuel pump production
  • Raw material procurement
    All our fuel pump accessories are made independently by Da Ming using raw materials purchased from raw material factory;
  • Processing and manufacturing of fuel pump accessories;
    (1)Lathe workshop: Fuel pump housing manufacturing;
    (2)Assembly workshop: Fuel pump cover assembly;
    (3)NC workshop: Processing of external aluminum parts of fuel pump;
    (4)Rotor workshop: Rotors manufacturing and fixed points balancing.
  • Fuel pump assembly and sealing
Working principle
Three major parts for fuel pump
  • Electromagnetic circuit composed of coil, main shaft and concentrating magnetic sleeve;
  • Valve structure consists of valve seat, valve core and spring;
  • Fuel channel consisted of connecting rod and fuel filter.
  • Fuel filter
  • Connecting rod
  • concentrating magnetic sleeve
  • Main shaft
  • Coil
  • Valve core
  • eturn spring
  • Valve seat
  • Air deflector
Safety tips
  • Fire hazards are presented while opening the fuel tank, therefore, all heat sources, flames or sparks should be prohibited and strictly observe fire safety regulations;
  • Make sure the power is cut before dismantling the fuel pump;
  • There is likely to have pressure inside the fuel tube and cause fuel leakage even when the power is cut, so any cases of heat sources, flames or sparks are prohibited and you should wear gloves and eye shields to protect your eyes;
  • There might be fuel left when taking the fuel pump from the fuel tank;
  • Fuel leakage test shall be conducted after the fuel pump was installed to ensure that there is no leakage in the interface (including the flange of the assembly), if no leakage test equipment available, please contact professional automobile maintenance station.
  • Fuel pump cannot operate without oil;
  • Our fuel pump is only suitable for gasoline fuel products with methanol or ethanol contents no more than 10-15%;
  • While replacing the fuel pump, the fuel pump filter shall also be changed. Long-term accumulation of dirt in the fuel pump can lead to shorter service life, lowered pressure, declined flow volume, so it is better to have a clean to the fuel tank and relevant pipelines and accessories before installation of new fuel pump;
  • If the fuel pump falls to the ground, it is better to check whether the fuel pump is qualified and then confirm whether it can still work. Because, there might be magnet fracture or other magnet defaults, leading to poor performance of fuel pump or other potential hazards (Blocking the motor parts or fuel pipe valve);
  • To give your car longer service life, please replace the oil filter within the specified time or distance;
  • Make sure that working table and gloves are clean and tidy while mounting the fuel pump to prevent alteration of normal operation of the pump resulting from entering of dust into the pump or pump assembly;
  • Fuel should be filled timely under low fuel level and better to fill the fuel when there is about 1/3 fuel within the fuel tank, for the fuel pump will achieve heat dissipation in the operation process of the pump, and when fuel level is too low, there will be poor heat dissipation and can even lead to shorter service life of the pump;
  • According to different installation ways, fuel pumps can be divided into two types: built-in pump and external pump. The pumps shall be mounted according to specific pump types and fuse wire must be used for fuel pump power supply line (10A or 15A);

Outlet of built-in pump and inlet and outlet external pump often adopt hose connection (rubber or plastic corrugated pipe), which is disposable and can’t be dismantled unless broken or blocked to ensure normal operation of fuel pump ( including the check valve).

Here at Da Ming, we produce high quality, reliable fuel pumps and fuel pump accessories that are sold at affordable prices. While browsing our product catalog, if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we can work with you to produce custom fuel pumps that meet your needs perfectly.

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