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Fuel Pump for American Automobile

    1. JEEP Fuel PumpJeep fuel pump is the major part of Jeep car fuel oil transfer system, available for providing reliable fuel supply for engine operation. The fuel pump usually locates in the fuel tank of vehicles, which can maintain stable pressure in the fuel system to keep uniform fuel flow volume.
    1. Ford Fuel PumpWe are available in providing customers with Ford fuel pump and if your fuel pump used now has poor performance and faces engine stall, idling, excessive waste discharge etc, the best way is to change the pump before any default occurs.
    1. Buick Fuel PumpFuel pumps for Buick cars have uniform pressure to ensure stable and effective fuel flow. The fuel pumps are usually designed inside with the fuel tank and being immersed by the fuel to keep the pump cooled during its operation.
    1. Chevrolet Fuel PumpHere are some alternative fuel pumps we provided for you, which are designed and manufactured by strictly following the industry standards. To ensure you with safe and pleasant drive, you’d better have a regular inspection on your car to avoid poor driving performance and poor gasoline traveling distance.
    1. Pontiac Fuel PumpOE: 41179 0467B-L, 41178 0787B-J
      Pressure: 3BAR
      Voltage: 12V
      Fuel flow: 160L/min
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